Product overview:
TWH-16 and TWH-20 scroll forming machines can scroll some raw materials such as flat steel, square steel and round steel, etc. into C, P and S wrought iron flower designs of different specifications. These two machines can be used in batch processing through automatic program as well as lofting processing through manual program; moreover, they have not only simple operation but also high performance. The TWH-20 is a new type reinforced with processing capacity larger than TWH-16. TWH-16B and TWH-20B are the new type equipment which are controlled by microcomputer and operate with high accuracy, large batch processing and automatic reckon by the piece, therefore are the ideal equipment indispensable to specialized batch production.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
Item TWH-20 capacities
Max size of the stocks to be processed Round steel φ20mm
Flat steel 40×8mm
Square steel 20×20mm
Motor Power(kw) 1.5kw
Rotating speed 1390rpm
Electricity 380v  50HZ
 External size (mm) 1200×700×1380mm
Packing size(mm) 1300×890×1400mm
Net Weight () 390kg
Gross Weight() 510kg