Product overview:
TYZ-16 and TYZ-20 is the semi-automatically electric hydraulic bending equipment with inching and automatic, two operation modes. Which can extrude round steel, square steel, flat steel and major-arc square tube of different specifications into different shapes of arc, angle and special metal decorative parts by different molds. They can reach batch, fast, standard and highly efficient production mode as the ideal equipment for wrought iron architectural decoration, metallic structure and furniture industry. TYZ-20 is new oversize equipment with higher processing capacity than TYZ-16 and more suitable for oversize wrought iron processing, architecture and exterior decoration.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:

NO Items TYZ-20 capacities
1 Max. Working Prcssure(KN) 30Ton
2 Max. Working Travel range(mm) 300mm
3 Max. Size of Stocks to be processed
Round Steel φ20mm
Square Steel 20×20mm
Flat Steel 60×10mm
4 Motor Voltage 380v 50HZ
Rotational Speed(r/min) 1400
Power(kw) 2.2kw
5 External size 1400×640×1100mm
6 Packing size 1520×760×1310mm
7 Net Weight(㎏) 1120kg
8 Gross Weight(㎏) 1380kg