Product overview:
TYH-60 and TYH-100 are the special equipment for cold pressing production of wrought iron materials(forged iron materials), which adopt impoeted inverter technique with high bearing capacity abd various mold patterns and are equipped with different patterns of dies so as to roll form different patterns on flat steel, square steel, round steel, aquare pipe and special pipe of certain specifications. TYH-100 is oversize equipment with higher processing capacity than TYH-60, thus it can roll form 100*100mm square pipe and special pipe into upright stanchion so as to achieve the high efficiency and energy saving effect.
Technical parameters and machining capacity:
ltems TYH-60 capacities
Processing capacities Flat steel 12×3~60×10mm
Square steel 10×10~25×25mm
Round steel Φ10~Φ20mm
Square tube 15×15~60×60mm
Rectangular steel pipe 15×20~60×40mm
Decelerator for cycloidal pin wheel Out put rotation speed of main shaft 43r/min
Gear ration 1:35
Adopting bfrequency acceleration technology introduced from abroad
Motor Electricity 380V  50Hz
Power 7.5kw
Rotating speed 1500r/min
External size 1700×1150×1260mm
Packing size 1840×950×1400mm
Net weight 1098kg
Gross weight 1260kg