Product overview:
TDW-30C multi-functional metal shaper is an equipment specially designed and manufactured for small size wrought iron processing factory by us, it can be used in circling, scroll forming and twisting, and such machine can also be equipped with the basket shaping unit manufactured by our factory to twist basket(birdcage) or the end forging unit to coin fishtail pattern. with multi-purpose, easy installation & demounting, smooth driving, simple operation and low cost, this machine is the most ideal choice for small size wrought iron processing factory.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
No Item Technical parameters and capacities
1 Materials Low carbon metal
2 Specifications
Of max processed materials (㎜)
Forming Flat steel ≤φ12mm
Round steel ≤30×5mm
Square steel ≤12×12mm
Twisting Square steel ≤20×20mm
Flat steel ≤30×10mm
Circling Round tube ≤φ30×1mm
Square tube ≤30×30×1mm
Flat steel ≤30×5mm
3 The cyclical pin-wheel  electro-megnetical braking motor Power 1.5kw
Rotating-speed 910rpm
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50HZ
4 External size 1560x570x1210mm
5 Packing size 1690x710x1320mm
6 Net/Gross weight 460/550kg